A Day in the life of an Employee

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Day in the life of a WA employee

Molly Newell, a 17 year old student, has been working at our store for two weeks now. Today she is sharing with you her opening shift walkthrough.  

 The first thing she does in the morning is turn on all the lights, clock in and count the cash, then she starts the music with our own WA playlist which you can listen to yourself here. After everything is set up and ready she opens the doors and is good to go.  

 The best part about being a WA associate is that each shift an employee needs to make a Tik Tok on our watermelon apparel account. “It’s my favorite thing to do” Molly says “whenever I’m at home on TikTok it’s become natural to save videos and sounds because I am always thinking oh that would be a good idea to post for work”. You can follow us on TikTok here to look out for Molly’s TikTok this shift. 

 After posting her Tik Tok for the shift usually that’s when the customers come in.“We get all different types of customers throughout the day, we have no main demographic” All ages enter the store from all different places. “My first question is always if the customer has been in the store before and my favorite response is when they tell me that they heard about the store online or in the news and wanted to come help out a small business! I am so lucky that I have not met a single rude customer, everyone is so friendly and excited to hear about the history of the store!”. More on the history of the store can be found here

"Once my shift is coming to an end I count the cash again and take a look at how many sales I’ve gotten. Then when it’s a morning shift I wait for one of my WA friends to come in for their shift! Then I head home usually with one of the sweatshirts I bought today oops.” 

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