Clothing: Currently, in-store, we are selling sweatshirts (S-XL), t-shirts, shorts, bucket hats, jewelry, and other accessories. All our clothing is unisex, so suitable for both men, women, and all genders. We have had our clothing specifically made to be oversized so we can all get the chance of a baggy oversized look. Whether you need it for a cold climate or a hot beach day but need something to cover your swimsuit, we have perfect items for each season.

Opening: Watermelon Apparel, located in the Paseo Nuevo mall, downtown Santa Barbara California offers the perfect staple pieces to put in your closet this summer. Founded in spring 2020, the clothing has begun with sweatshirts & t-shirts but are constantly expanding each week with jewelry, bucket hats and other accessories to offer that you can find in-store.

Intention: The goal of our store is for you to leave feeling loved and comfortable with your body. All members of the WA community can admit that everyone has a few insecurities here and there with parts of our bodies. The horror of walking into a store where the clothing accentuates these insecurities is everyone’s worst nightmare. Why should we buy clothes that don’t make us feel comfortable and confident all at once? That’s the question that Athena Wang, the founder, posed to herself before opening this business. 

Founder: When you come into our store, you might be welcomed by Athena, a 20-year-old entrepreneur and student at UCSB. She started this business with the main focus on inclusivity to all. All for body positivity, she shares “I have struggled with my body image myself. Once quarantine hit, I ditched the crop tops and clung to the oversized sweatshirts. Wearing these comfortable clothes helped my insecurities. That’s why I started Watermelon Apparel to offer inclusive sizing for all to enjoy.”